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February 2019: When I Grow Up

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

  • What are your responses to the poems? How does this differ from how you think you should feel?

  • How do you read poetry? How does the act of reading poetry make you feel?

  • Themes: being seen as an individual, expectation and reality and meeting in the middle, family as an organization

  • What do reading the themes in poetry achieve that literature or essay form cannot?

  • There are mentions of 9/11, prompting the thought, “How did the racialization of Islam impact people of color afterwards?”

  • Is America designed to keep us stuck and subservient?

  • Are Asian Americans allowed, or given the space, to express and feel along the spectrum of feelings?

  • What poems did you devour? What poems took more concentration?

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22 de set. de 2021

This is a greaat post

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