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About Unerased Book Club

unerased; the process of restoring that which has been erased, rendered unimportant

book; a cultural form of dispersing thoughts, analysis and existence

club; a space to organize using common interests as a proxy

There are plenty of fantastic books by Asian Americans to choose from, so we have developed a few parameters to help us narrow our choices. 

  1. Ease of acquiring book. If a piece of literature is available in audibook/ebook formats, or libraries can affordably acquire it, it makes the first cut!

  2. Thought-provoking and accessible content. We think about the types of conversation we can have, and whether the writing is accessible to a general audience when making second round cuts.

  3. The work primes readers to explore topics from multiple perspectives. We love to have our views challenged and broadened, so works that helps us think differently make the third cut.

  4. Genre and social identities. In order to read diversely, we try to have a mix of genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) and social identities (particularly regional diversity) in our selections. 

How do we select our books?

About the creator

UBC was created by Sheela Lal in 2018. She attempted to maintain it while finishing graduate school, and realized that for the concept to thrive, it needed a stronger home.


Luckily, Rising Voices was open to taking in UBC as a way to build community in Michigan and to continue building community throughout the country.

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