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September 2018: Dragonfish


Guiding Questions

  1. What were your impressions about Bob throughout the book?

  2. One of the underlying themes is “safety in numbers”. What unhealthy behaviors are exhibited throughout the novel because of this?

  3. The letters to Mai illustrate the power of multiple stories and perspectives. Did this impact your understanding of Hong? Did this impact your understanding of the Vietnam War?

  4. The book is written in a noir fashion. How did you react to this classically American storytelling technique?

  5. Bob’s relationship to Hong and other Vietnamese Americans can be described in a lot of different ways. What were your reactions and analysis of this engagement?

  6. Sonny and Junior are not sympathetic characters. What leads them to be compelling personas throughout the book?

  7. Happy’s behavior with Sonny and Bob can be understood as symptomatic or serial. What is your take on her relational purpose in the book?

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