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May 2019: Something in Between

  • As Jasmine learns about her immigration status, what media tropes did you reflect on?

  • What type of biases, implicit or explicit, are expressed with regards to immigration status? Did reading these encourage you to reflect on your own biases?

  • How did you feel about a Filipino family as an undocumented family?

  • What does citizenship mean for identity?

  • What are your thoughts on private and public political stances?

  • What could have been explored, still in a true to young adult form, to flush out the stress of documentation status?

  • The model minority myth is touched upon, and seems to be one way Asian Americans think they’re differentiated from other immigrant communities. How does Something In Between break that myth?

  • Why is the onus on those who will hurt to speak the loudest?

  • Jasmine wants to go to a top undergraduate program, and recognizes that wanting more will create distance with her family. This pain is documented in many first generation college families. How does this pain change throughout the book?

  • There is privilege to silo politics from the personal. How does this come into play?

Order the book through your local bookstore, online, or check your local library for digital and physical loans.

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