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July 2022: The Right Swipe

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Order the book through your local bookstore, online, or check your local library for digital and physical loans.

Contextual Links

We recommend perusing these links to get additional context about the book, the author, and the themes of the book. Spoilers ahead, though!

  • Romance Novels are for Everyone (Slate News, Podcast)

  • Football Island: The Hunting Ground for Our Samoan Brothers (Harvard Crimson)

  • Women's Stories Reveal Systemic Sexual Harassment In Tech (CNN)

  • Steamy Romance Novels Flush With Color (TIME)

  • What a lifetime of playing football can do to the human brain (Vox)

  • How To Fall In Love With Romance Books (NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour, Podcast)

  • Alisha Rai and The Right Swipe: A Conversation About Modern Love (Love in Panels)

Discussion Questions

  1. How frequently do you read romance novels?

  2. How did you react to the two separate character arcs?

  3. Did you have any reactions to an inter-racial story that did not include a white love interest?

  4. In the recent SCOTUS rulings upending established case law around privacy and interpersonal decisions (abortion, birth control, same-sex marriage, and by extension, inter-racial marriage), how did you react to this story?

  5. Rhi’s company, Crush, has a similar backstory to Bumble. If you’ve used dating applications, have you thought about the pros and cons to the business behind the technology?

  6. Samson’s story includes chronic traumatic encephalopathy. How did you react to this story line?

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