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August 2021: What Lies Between Us

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Order the book through your local bookstore, through Source Booksellers (our exclusive partner), online, or check your local library for digital and physical loans.

Contextual Links

We recommend perusing these links to get additional context about the book, the author, and the themes of the book. Spoilers ahead, though!

Discussion Questions

  • How did you process the running themes of interpersonal trauma?

  • This novel provokes questions regarding the loyalty a mother has towards her child. What are the responsibilities we assume as parents and were these met in this story?

  • What is the book saying about the restorative powers of love?

  • What do you think of the latter scenes of Samson visiting Ganga in her American life?

  • What do you think of Ganga's relationship with her cousin Dharshi? What do you think of Dharshi's life choices as compared to Ganga's?

  • What do you think could have saved Ganga? What did she need in order to overcome her dark past?

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